PRI in Person 2019 Insights

le 01/10/2019

PRI in Person 2019 was the largest PRI conference to date, with 1,700 delegates and six content streams. The annual event was an opportunity for attendees to discuss topical issues and share experiences from their own organisation and region with peers from around the world.

What progress have we seen in global policy developments in recent years?

Will Martindale, director of policy and research, the PRI

From the themes and your discussions at PRI in Person, what is your key call to action for investors?

Fiona Reynolds, CEO, the PRI

Can you tell us about Manulife's work on sovereign bonds and how this relates to your involvement with the PRI's fixed income working group?

Chris Conkey CEO, Manulife

Why are investments in emering markets critical to achieving the SDGs?

Olivia Albrecht, Head of ESG business strategy, PIMCO

Do you think that investors are ramping up their engagement with policymakers? What more needs to be done?

Helena Vinesfiestas, Global Head of Stewardship and Policy, BNP Paribas Asset Management; Member, EU Technical Expert Group

How do you see the Asset Owners addressing the Sustainable Development Goals?

Anne-Catherine Husson Traore, CEO, Novethic

How can investors best respond to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals?

Cécile Cabanis, CFO, Danone

Does reporting actually help investors become better integrators of ESG?

Faith Ward, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Brunel Partnership

If governments are forced to take sudden action on climate change, could that be destabilizing to capital markets?

Nick Robins, Professor in Practice, Sustainable Finance, Grantham Research Institute

What will it take to ensure a sustainable global food supply ?

Anand Chandani, Global Head, Agriculture Debt and Regional Director, Responsability

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