Peter Branner, Global Head of SEB Investment Management

le 24/06/2010 L'AGEFI Hebdo

The Scandinavian approach, or the consensus building.

Peter Branner, a Danish national, has worked in the asset management industry for more than twenty years. During that time he has only once been "unfaithful" to Northern European companies, namely from 2006 to November 2008 when he was responsible for the multi-management activities of Fortis Investments in London. However, that experience has contributed to his management style. "The Scandinavian approach consists in attempting to achieve a consensus, ensuring that an idea is sound before putting it into practice, while Anglo-Saxons are capable of taking decisions far more rapidly, sometimes however without being sure that their decision is the right one, notes Peter Branner, who is now Global Head of SEB Investment Management. For my part, I try to combine effectiveness and consensus."

After graduating from Copenhagen Business School, he joined the Bank of Copenhagen (now defunct) in 1987 and was appointed, after several years, investment director. He then decided to join Ikano, the financial services subsidiary of the Ikea group, which enabled him to broaden his international experience: his responsibilities – first of all as Ikano’s Group Treasurer – enabled him to acquire his first experience of London in 1994, before spending time in Amsterdam and above all Luxembourg, where he spent nine years as chief investment officer of Ikano Fund Management. During that period he launched the Ikano Funds’ range, the Swedish furniture group having its own fund management subsidiary. His accomplishments attracted the attention of a major asset management company, namely Fortis Investments which recruited him as chief investment officer of its multi-management division. During this second British experience, he was responsible for a team of a dozen multi-asset portfolio managers, with around fifteen billion euros of assets under management.

His range of responsibilities has therefore increased considerably since he joined the Swedish bank in November 2008. He is now in charge of SEB’s asset management subsidiary. Based in Stockholm, his responsibilities include not only traditional asset management activities but also alternative investments (funds of hedge funds, private-equity and real estate), i.e. 127 billion of euros of assets under management and a team of 150 professionals, spread between the Swedish capital, London, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallin.

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